Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We named the dog "Nico"

Oddly enough, yes, my older sister has a dog and Nico is it's name-o.

The origin of Nicofopolous (and random side thoughts):
One night during the Olympics, I decided to shrug off my previous karaoke name (The Duke fka El Duque) and adopt a Grecian one.

I like to watch new KJs struggle with the pronunciation.

I've never enjoyed my real name -- I've always found it bland and altogether too Anglo. Professionally, I use my middle name to give an ongoing nod to my father.

My father never met a joke he didn't like nor a person he wouldn't try to make laugh. If not the key to a good life, it's one of them.

My mother never said "no" when someone asked her to bake for a special occasion.

Every time I laugh or enjoy a good bite, I'm reminded of my parents.

The end of childhood is when you realize your parents are people -- fallable as anyone else.

What I hope to accomplish here:
Garner an adoring fan base.