Thursday, February 4, 2010

my time with the LDB

My friend created, writes and colours (yes, he prefers that spelling) this lovely strip called Lil Depressed Boy.

We met through mutual friends in the comic book community. I'm his faux editor, periodically, and sometimes a cheerleader (in spirit, if not uniform).

He recently had two weeks of guest writers and I leapt at the chance to add my pen to the cause.

I was a bit hesitant to play in someone else's sandbox (hence a sandbox being in my first strip), but I think I have a decent familiarity with the character to stay true to the comic and yet add a dash of my voice. I think I more than succeeded when people assumed he'd ghostwritten my first one.

This was my first time working with an artist and let me just say, not only did Scott Arnold take my scripts and bring them beautifully to life, we found a common love -- Canadian music -- that will hopefully keep us friends for ages.

Ergo and hence, Lil LDB --
(including the about the authors notes because no one ever reads the bottom).

Strip #1

"I have no clue who Vaughn Mason is. He is an enigma, wrapped in a cypher, boxed in a conundrum and covered in secret sauce. He's apparently 6'3" and I know he doesn't do a good Texan accent. However, he wrote today's strip for me. Also, I suspect he may not even exist. Which is good, because he can't claim to have created Little LDB. Bwahahahaha."

Strip #2

"Thanks to Leo Burke, Zach Trover, Travis Fox, Chris Fenoglio, Raul Rodarte and Kat Cahill for helping out. And double thanks to Scott Arnold and Nick Brandt for starting the fortnight off, and now ending it. Aw crap, not Nick Brandt. Vaughn Mason. Why do I always confuse Nick Brandt and Vaughn Mason? All you guys did a great job, and it was fun to see all those other interpretations. Thanks so much."