Tuesday, April 7, 2009

When the angry fire is gone...

My initial reaction to these sorts of situations (see previous blog) is anger. Righteous fury. Gut cleansing fire.

What happens after that?

The refractory period. A time of total and complete apathy. I love writing, but right now, I've got little in me...

In other news, however, TSLOD producer wrote back and said he's thinking about having a reading and shooting on a microbudget in July or August. I'm cautious(ly optimistic). I have no idea how he defines microbudget. To me, my life has been lived on microbudget... but then again, I've turned out relatively okay so there may be hope left for the project yet. The wait and see chart has been moved from passive white to mellow yellow.

Interestingly enough, I tried to find this blog via google and as it turns out TSLOD doesn't find me but it does find:
The Suite Life On Deck
Which has nothing to do with my TSLOD.