Thursday, October 29, 2009

Independent vs. INDEPENDENT

When HK was made, as writer I was ever-present during pre-production. Not just for the writing, even. I saw tapes from the casting sessions. I saw wardrobe choices. Touring our location had a deep impact on how the script played out. I found music. Heck, I co-wrote lyrics to two of the songs in the movie. This is INDEPENDENT filmmaking. All hands on deck because we need all the hands we can find.

With Dorks, I feel like I'm actually going through the studio experience. "Writing done? Okay, we'll see you at the wrap." It's very weird to be connected with something for five years and then just hang out waiting for word. I'm a horribly impatient person so it's a special kind of purgatory for me. It's probably the more common Hollywood writing experience. Hopefully in doing things the right way, they'll also avoid some of the mistakes and missteps we had on HK, leading me to a new sense of pride even with a smaller sense of involvement.

This has been a real growth experience.

Now someone please tell me who will play who.