Friday, September 25, 2009

so THAT happened...

I played an open mic at DWA today.
I had an in, as I work there.

I played three original songs (TOOM, Accidental Love, Superhero Song). It'd been about eight years since I played my last open mic. As was my tradition all those years ago, I wore a hockey jersey. Today's was Gilbert Perrault -- a gift from Jessica and my sisters Aimee and Kristin.

My guitar was dusty. My fingers and strings were rusty. I eventually dropped the pick into the body of the guitar towards the end of the third song. But I enjoyed every nervous minute.

Thankfully, I brought backup in the form of Jenna Bryson -- a friend and powerfully talented singer/songwriter. I was her opening act. I primed the crowd with my awkward innocence/subtle sexuality and she wowed them with her pipes and power. I chimed in with the banter between her songs which was I think easy and free-flowing since I didn't have to play my guitar to do it.