Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who knew?

So I was talking with a friend in the business last night over dinner and I was relating the lesson I was taught by a producer on MC.

She told us to stop turning in our drafts so quickly.
I thought we were just being dedicated and attentive, but she went on to say that turning in drafts too quickly:
A) sets a standard that you probably won't always be able to meet
B) makes a producer think that you're half-assing it, regardless of how good the work is -- this will also, in their eyes, magnify any remaining issues in the revision
C) not to mention Hollywood can smell desperation because it's the scent of many

So basically, a producer told me to procrastinate for better results.
My friend concurred.

This is a wacky business.

I feel legitimate

For the longest time, I was wondering... when will TSLOD finally get added to the imdb?

Well, that day is now...

Sure, they haven't added me or John as the writers for some reason.
But we know the truth.
And hopefully this is a sign that production is just around the corner...