Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Never a dull travel day

Travelling often involves the universe messing with me.

On the way out:
I show up at 12pm to the wrong airport in Los Angeles for my 2pm flight out ($100 cab ride to Burbank airport and additional travel stress). Thankfully, the brief layover on the flight out was in Las Vegas and I actually won back $50 on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine. Those were my mom’s favorite. I call this the universe giving me the 50% off dumbass discount.

On the way back:
I got pantsed by security at the Providence Airport (immeasurable embarrassment and comedy potential). I was randomly selected for a pat down and said pat down happened before I put on my belt. The pat down was thorough enough to dislodge my pants from my hips, dropping them to the ground, revealing my relatively plain boxers to whoever was looking.

The universe has a sense of humor.