Thursday, August 27, 2009

Revised, Now with Additional Rules

Hollywood Kills drinking game

Rule #9 Identify NDB's number (the number he includes in all his scripts) -- give everyone else in the room a drink.

Rule #8 Any time Nicholas and/or David and/or Brandt appears on the screen -- take a drink.

Rule #7 (final at least for now): Be responsible. Be sure to not drink and drive (or call exes... or text...)

Rule #6: When the Sinatra-esque song plays (lyrics by me and Regan) - social!

Rule #5: Any time a Tragically Hip or Prince song title is used in dialogue - give five drinks (1st person to call only).

Rule #4: Any time the actor Happy who plays James says "happy" - take a drink.

Rule #3: Any time Fenway has a bipolar-esque shift in mood - give a drink.

Rule #2: Any time Vaughn Mason hits on a girl with his signature line - take a drink.

Rule #1: Any time someone tries to break down a door - take a drink. Anytime someone succeeds - give a drink.